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04 August 2009 @ 12:33 am
Since I've only done one (and only one!) icon post here, I suggest you all scamper over to keysmashes so you can join & watch them!

I'd like to thank bolshevists for inviting me into this comm., though I've only posted...one batch of icons here. I feel a little terrible about it, but in truth, I'm not all too fond of iconing these days anyway.

So, it's up to you guys--you can defriend/unwatch crystalcyanide if you want, because there won't be any updates anymore on here. Thanks a bunch for reading this pointless entry! ♥
03 August 2009 @ 06:19 pm

I've been considering renaming/moving to another icon comm for a while, since I...kinda grew bored with this one. So! I was asked by battora and clefairies to join keysmashes with them~ So, from now on, my icons are going to be found there. I just put a post up right now, so that you have something of mine to see when you get there. I'd love it if every one of you watch keysmashes like you've been watching crystalcyanide. However, I'm not sure what oversoul's going to be doing yet, though, so please continue to watch crystalcyanide for further news, such whether she's staying here or not. Thank you!
13 May 2009 @ 12:02 am
Hey, guys~ I'm gonna pimp this out. I could always use some concrit. So please, comment if you have the time! It'll really help.

Sorry I don't have a new icon post to go along with it; you know how this time of the year is. Finals and all.
05 April 2009 @ 02:43 pm
Requests from this post are finished!
Thank you, guys!Collapse )
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31 March 2009 @ 09:58 pm
[x165 Total]
x19 Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
x11 Tales of Symphonia
x30 Fullmetal Alchemist
x32 Naruto
I went old school with the fandoms.Collapse )
13 March 2009 @ 11:38 pm
[104 total]
[x 32 KEY]
[x 28 suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu]
[x 30 aria]
[x 14 misc.]

hello, my dear.Collapse )
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07 March 2009 @ 09:25 pm
[x211 total]
[x111 axis powers hetalia]
[x48 shaman king]
[x16 saya no uta]
[x12 tales of the abyss]
[x11 suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu]
[x13 misc.]

c:!Collapse )
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